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Big Pharma

Big Pharma refers to the largest pharmaceutical companies in the industry, with sales in excess of $3B. These companies have a presence in all three major markets (US, Europe and Japan) utilize a fully integrated operating model and consistently have active R&D and marketing efforts in multiple therapeutic categories.

Big Pharma Respondent Titles

  • Associate Director, Development Sciences
  • Director, Commercial Business Development
  • Director, Global Purchasing
  • Manager, Financial Planning & Analysis, Commercial Operations
  • Principle Process Development Engineer
  • Regional Manager, Clinical Science
  • Senior Clinical Systems Analyst
  • Senior Financial Manager, Global Purchasing
  • Senior Research Toxicologist
  • Sourcing Program Manager
  • Business Development Program Manager
  • Director, Global Business Insights
  • General Manager, Global Commercial Development
  • Manager, Manufacturing Engineering
  • Program Manager, Business & Operations Strategy
  • Senior Clinical Supply Project Manager
  • Senior Director, Manufacturing Operations
  • Senior Process Engineer
  • Service Contract Specialist
  • Strategic Sourcing Agent

Specialty & Midsized Pharma

Specialty & Midsized Pharma include companies that tend to operate in one geographic region, with sales under $3B. They are involved in fewer therapeutic categories than Big Pharma and tend to outsource some key functions.

Specialty & Midsized Pharma Respondent Titles

  • Business Change Manager
  • Director, Business Planning
  • Director, Manufacturing Science & Technology
  • Director, Supply Chain Operations
  • Global Sourcing Manager
  • Manager, Purchasing
  • Senior Clinical Consultant
  • Senior Program Manager, Global Contract Manufacturing Services
  • Senior Supply Chain Analyst
  • Vice President, Global Business Development
  • Contract Manufacturing Product Manager
  • Director, Clinical Pharmacology
  • Director, Pharmaceutical Development
  • Global Sourcing Lead, Research & Development
  • Group Leader, Validation Research & Commercialization Support
  • Principal Process Engineer
  • Senior Process Scientist
  • Senior Purchasing Agent
  • Supply Chain Operations Manager
  • Vice President, Strategy & Corporate Development

Emerging Pharma

Emerging or niche pharmaceutical companies tend to have only regional presence, revenue under $750M and fewer than 250 employees.

Emerging Pharma Respondent Titles

  • Associate Director, Clinical Development
  • Business Unit Lead
  • Clinical Research Associate
  • Corporate Contract Compliance Coordinator
  • Director, Development Projects
  • Director, Regulatory Operations
  • Manager, Clinical Data Analysis & Biostatistics
  • Senior Director, Manufacturing
  • Senior Director, Strategic Commercial Development
  • Senior Manufacturing Engineer
  • Associate Director, Clinical Operations
  • Clinical Compliance Liaison Manager
  • Coordinator, Research & Clinical Development
  • Director, Business Operations
  • Director, Process Development
  • Director, Strategic Operations
  • Principal Clinical Data Manager
  • Senior Director, Product Development
  • Senior Director, Strategy & Corporate Development
  • Vice President, Product Development & Tech Ops

Big Biotech

Big Biotech refers to the largest biotechnology companies whose products or services use biotechnology methods for their production, design or delivery. These companies have an international presence, heavily invest in R&D and have sales in excess of $2B

Big Biotech Respondent Titles

  • Assistant Director, Global Evidence & Value Development
  • Associate Vice President, Clinical Research
  • Clinical Operations Head
  • Director, Head of API Contract Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing Supervisor
  • Purchasing & Logistics Control Manager
  • Senior Director, Business Process Management
  • Senior Director, Head of Business Strategy & Excellence
  • Senior Manager, Process Management
  • Supply Chain Coordinator
  • Assistant Director, Preclinical Safety Contract Management
  • Chemical Stockroom & Sourcing Specialist
  • Director, Contract Operations
  • Director, Supply Chain Processes & Systems
  • Operator/Specialist, Manufacturing
  • Purchasing Agent
  • Senior Director, Head of Biologics Research
  • Senior Internationl Clinical Trial Manager
  • Senior Research Associate
  • Vice President, Clinical Sciences & Operations

Emerging Biotech

Emerging or small biotechnology companies are newly established companies often focused on R&D and lacking commercialization capabilities.

Emerging Biotech Respondent Titles

  • Associate Director, Professional Development
  • Business Process Analyst
  • Business Unit Manager
  • Clinical Research Scientist
  • Director, Franchise Strategy & Operations
  • Drug Regulatory Affairs Operations Group Leader
  • Regulatory Operations Manager
  • Senior Director, Clinical Operations
  • Senior Director, Global Clinical Project Management
  • Senior Medical Director, Medical Affairs & Clinical Operations
  • Business Director
  • Business Solutions & Program Manager
  • Clinical Consultant
  • Contract Clinical Research Associate
  • Director, Head of Global Strategic Sourcing
  • Marketing Operations Specialist
  • Senior Clinical Research Associate
  • Senior Director, Drug Safety Operations
  • Senior Global Clinical Outsourcing Manager
  • Vice President, Head of Clinical Development

Big Pharma CMOs

These contact manufacturers sell capacity to pharmaceutical companies looking to utilize the company's scientific expertise, assets or resources. This audience is not part of the annual subscription research report; however, Nice Insight will reach out to its contacts in this category for custom projects where input from this audience would add value to the client's project.

Big Pharma CMOs Respondent Titles

  • Associate Manager, Strategic Sourcing
  • Director, Global Health Economics & Outcome Research
  • IT Product Manager, Purchasing Systems
  • Manager, Global Outcomes Research
  • Senior Analyst, Procurement Technology & Process
  • Senior Consultant, Clinical Outsourcing
  • Senior Director, Global Business Development Operations
  • Senior Director, Manufacturing Technology
  • Senior Manager, IT - Finance & Supply Chain Systems
  • Senior Project Manager, Manufacturing Technology
  • Director, Global Early Clinical Development Operations
  • Director, Therapeutic Area Management & Operations Strategy
  • Manager, Contract Administration
  • Manager, Medical Affairs Operations & Planning
  • Senior Clinical Study Manager
  • Senior Director, Business Insights & Strategy
  • Senior Director, Global Pharmaceutical Development Systems
  • Senior Director, Purchasing & Finance Systems
  • Senior Medical Director, Research & Drug Development
  • Strategic Sourcing Lead


The biosimilars category references biopharmaceutical companies focusing on follow-on-biologic development and manufacturing. The term biosimilar, or follow-on-biologic, refers to biologic compounds, highly similar to another drug innovators' original biologic compound, that have been developed after the data exclusivity expiration of the initial innovators biologic compound. Similarly, the category "Generics" references pharmaceutical companies focusing on manufacturing and marketing generic small molecules after the original drug innovators' patent protection and exclusive rights have expired.

Biosimilars/Generics Respondent Titles

  • Sr. Director/Director of Biological Formulation Development
  • Director of Recombinant Drug Substance Development
  • Associate Director, Project Leader – Biopharma Late Stage Development
  • Director of Purification Development and Operations
  • VP Global CMC Biologics
  • Director, Regulatory Strategist – Biosimilars
  • Program Manager for BioSimilars

Medical Device

Medical device companies develop, manufacture, and market new and innovative medical device & equipment technologies intended to treat or prevent diseases and/or health complications. The medical device classification encompasses simple devices, implants, diagnostic and testing devices, prostheses, software that accompanies the devices and materials.

Medical Device Respondent Titles

  • Failure Analysis Quality Engineer
  • Biomedical Engineer and Founder, President, CEO
  • Medical Device Package, Product and Material Testing
  • Senior Director, Medical Device & Diagnostics
  • Design Control Program Manager at Drug and Medical Device Manufacturer
  • Quality Assurance Consultant at Medical Device Manufacturer
  • Director Medical Devices R&D
  • Sr Executive Medical Devices
  • Medical Device Technical Executive